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Movie Palaces are architectures of fantasy. They are grand, creative, magical, glorious pieces of architecture. These huge, one room movie houses of the golden age of movies once dominated every city in the country, however through the past seven decades most have fallen to the wrecking ball. The multiplex, suburbia and urban decay have been the primary factors to their demise. We are lucky that they are not all gone. In fact there seems to be a revival going on across the country. Renewed interest in city dwelling and downtown rejuvenation projects provide the possibility for preservation of these magnificent buildings. As people recognize the beauty and charm of these building, they are rethinking the function of these buildings. Most common among these is serving as a community's performing arts centers and many often arrange showings of classic films on the side.

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Hello Everyone,

After a three year hiatus the Movie Palace Locator was going to come back online. In the process of doing updates and cleaning up the site I discovered a new site which was all that this site dreamed of being some 7 years ago when I started it.

The new cite is called Cinema Treasures

While I had over 300 Movie Palaces listings on this site, they have over 3,000. They have a description, often a picture, information on both raised and operating palaces, info on the architect and its style. There is even a place to add your comments. As such I have decided not to fully relaunch my site.

Although Cinema Treasures does a fantastic job at locating and cross referencing sites. There are two areas that I feel that the Cinema site lack: 1) book references and 2)links to other organizations who are involved in the memory, restoration, and history of these Architectures of Fantasy. Therefore,

I will keep the resource page for those of you interested in books and links.

Thanks for your patience, patronage, and contributions over the years.

Matthew Egan Rochte

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